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3)Varnished wood as trim 
4)Direction on compass; Go ____ young man. 
5)Body of land surrounded on all sides by water 
7)An iron instrument which holds the vessel 
9)Lowest & principle timber of a vessel 
12)Non-polluting item used to propel a canoe 
13)The planked floor of a vessel 
14)A red even numbered lateral system aid to 
     navigation with tapered top 
15)4 footed character in "Wind In The Willows" 
     who appreciated the importance of boating 
16)_____ weather gear 
17)Right side of a vessel when facing forward 
18)To move a vessel from one place to another 
 by means of a rope made fast to a fixed object 
22)Direction on a compass 
24)A cylindrical buoy usually green 
25)The place where the cooking is done 
27)The forward part of a ship 
29)Direction on a compass 
32)Side opposite to that from which  the wind blows 
33) With it comes wisdom 
34)Crucial liquid for boating, not beer 
35)The timbers of a vessel 
36)Strong timbers supporting the decks 
37)A place where two things are connected 
38)The upper inner corner of an ensign
1)Clear & sunny weather 
2)Small in size, large in importance if forgotten 
3)A knot tied to form a loop that will not slip 
6)A large boat 
7)Used in lieu of therefore at sea 
8)Stuff made by picking rope yarns to pieces 
10)The lower shank of an anchor 
11)Any fixed upright support 
17) A short oar 
18)The only acceptable material for building boats 
19)To haul up by means of a rope 
20)The inclination of a vessel to one side 
21) A nautical mile of 6080 feet, or a bend 
23)Used to connect  beams of a vessel with her timbers 
25)Direct result of eating "dippy beans" 
26)Two masted vessel with short mast aft rudder post 
28)Hull construction with overlapping planks 
30)A flat, rough broom used for scrubbing bilge 
31)A ride in the mother-in-law seat 
39) Result of piloting error 
40)Class of antique boat 
42)The fact of being deep 
Try your word scramble skills on these Boating terms
1. RMNIA   ____________________ 

2 .ROTMATBOO  ________________ 

3. HCTAH   ____________________ 

4. LEMH  ______________________ 

5. EFENRD  ____________________ 

6. NEHIC  ______________________ 

7. WOBENLI  ___________________ 

8. OYBU  ______________________ 

9. REGEBU  ____________________ 

10. ATLEC   ____________________ 

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