Our Local Boat Club                                           by L.R.Daniels

On the cover of the quarterly publication of the Wooden Boat Association it states we are the “Hands-on Classic Boat Club of North Texas”. That is true and it is what makes our club different and so invaluable to those of us new to wooden boats.

Club founder Ken Thompson and many of our club members started playing with boats back when wooden boats were everyday boats. But most of the newer members of the club grew up with fiberglass, we need some information and guidance to feel comfortable running and restoring a wooden boat.  The great thing about the WBA is the help and advice you can get from other members.
Many of the members keep their boats in the same storage facility and the club has a section of this facility set up to work on the boats. We were only members of the club for two weeks when we made use of the hoist and borrowed another member’s trailer so repairs could be made to our trailer. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings will find members helping work on each other’s boats and sharing advice and boating stories out at the shop.  When the weather is nice a few boats often head out to the lake for a test drive or just cruising around.

We have many scheduled events throughout the year and like to make use of the different lakes around North Texas. We also will go in a group to events in other parts of Texas or neighboring states. The majority of the WBA boats are used often, no “trailer queens” Even those that are show winners are in the water regularly.

Many of our members are also members of the Southwest Chapter of the ACBS, and one of our events last fall was co-sponsored by both clubs. That event was a “Ride and Show”. Actually it was more “ride” than show as there was no judging involved. But, it was a great chance for everyone to play on the water and take turns in each other’s boats. It was also a good time for members who have boats under restoration to get some time on the water and get recharged for finishing their boat project. You don’t have to have a boat to be a WBA member. Other members are always willing to take riders and it’s a good way to learn a bit about the boats before you buy one.

One of the items stated in the WBA Mission, is to educate and inform the public about the historic significance of antique and classic boats. We display our boats, hand out information and visit with attendees to the State Fair of Texas and the Dallas Summer Boat Show.  Of course wooden boats are so beautiful everyone is attracted to them. But what most people don’t believe is that with a reasonable investment of work and time they can keep a wooden boat running too. At least it can be done with a supportive group like the Wooden Boat Association.

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