Newsletter of  the Finger Lakes Chapter,  The ACBS Inc. June 2000
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Rule # 7 Do not be found in the water with bits of your boat floating around you saying,
"He should have given way"

Editor's Note
Hello it is time for another issue, time flies when you are having fun.  Sorry for the lack of pictures in the last issue, but I ran out of available space. Thank you to all of you who contributed articles.  In order to publish on time, I need all contributions two weeks before publication.
It is boating season at last, so it will be even harder to reach us.  The sailboat is in the water and she is an alluring distraction.  Also it is time to begin sewing this year's costumes for the show.  Feel free to contact me if you have any interest in this area, as I have wonderful sources for information and patterns.  We don't have an answering machine, so that leaves surface mail or email.  My email address is or PO Box 224, Lanesboro, MA 01237-0224.
I have tried to address a couple of suggestions in this issue, specifically the problem many of you have in locating the chapter's website.
Once again I would encourage everyone in the club to volunteer to help out in any way you can.  The success of our events are dependant upon us.
Enjoy your summer of boating and I'll be back in September.   Wendy Fetridge

Publication Information & Rates

Brightwork is the quarterly newsletter of the FLC of the ACBS and is published for the benefit of the chapter members.  The hard & fast deadline to be included in the next issue is the 15th before the publication date (i.e., Aug 15th for the Sept 1st issue). Publication dates are March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st.
Questions, articles for publication, letters to the editor, etc., should be sent to Wendy Fetridge, P.O. Box 224, Lanesboro, MA 01237-0224 or Commercial & non-commercial ads should be sent to Steve White 18 E.Genesee St., Skaneateles, NY 13152 or call 315-685-0252  Ad rates are: Full Page $100, Half Page $50, Quarter Page $25, Eight Page $15, Business Card $10.  Rates are per issue.  Members may include classified ads without charge.

Board Meeting Notes
In response to a request from ACBS, FLC will be sending an autographed copy of Francis McCarthy's, The Finger Lakes Revisited to the ACBS Annual meeting.  This is the chapter's donation for their annual auction.
In order to obtain more pictures for inclusion in the newsletter and the chapter's archives, we will be purchasing some disposable cameras that will be available at events.  Look out for those candid photographers!
Our membership as of April 5th stands at 204.
The CNY Boat Show sent the chapter a check for $250 for our participation in the February show.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered.
Anyone looking for more info or the complete minutes,  can contact chapter secretary, Jeff Williams.

Miss Conception
My apologies to Morley Smith, I didn't have room to include his article on the progress of Miss Conception.  I am planning on including her in the September issue.  For those who can't wait, it is already on the chapter here

Who's At The Helm?!
FLC President
Roger Townsend 315-635-9695
Co-Vice Presidents
Diane Schwenke 315-675-9755
Dana Ritchie (E)617-275-6521 (D)781-275-3306
Shirley Marsden (E)315-253-7505 (D)315-252-9506
Jeff Williams (E)607-387-5346 (D) 607-387-3900
Dick Sherwood 716-265-1518
Bernie Clapp 315-625-4568
Bill Gregory (S)315-685-7646 (W)602-981-2883
Steve White (E)315-685-0252 (D)315-685-7733
Curtis Feldmann (E)315-685-6936 (D)315-498-6700
Jeff Schwenke 315-675-9755
Ron Svec (E)607-657-2748 (D)607-755-3779

Calendar of Events
June 3rd Dock Maintenance Day
June 6th Seneca Falls Days -Boats are welcome
June 10th Put In Docks at Skaneateles Lake
June 10th Sodus Bay Yacht Club Boat Show
July 8th Baldwinsville Seneca River Day
July 15th Adirondack Boat & Woodie Car Show
July 15th - 16th Wine Country Boat Show
July 28th - 30th FLC Annual Boat Show
August 4th - 6th ABM Annual Show - Clayton
August 11th - 13th Manotick Boat Show
September 9th  - 10th Niagra Boat Show
September 23rd Take Out Docks
October 7th Fall Foliage Cruise

Details Of Calendar Items
June 10th, we will be putting the docks in the lake.  We have handling equipment available, which makes for a smooth installation.  If you are a wet-suiter & want to "get in the swim of things," here's your big chance for an early dip!  The Skaneateles Chamber will ply us with coffee, donuts and lunch to urge us along and keep the spirits up.  It is a good cause & a good time.  In case of doubtful weather, check with Sue Dove Skan.  Chamber 315-685-0552 or Roger Townsend 315-635-9695.

The Sodus Bay Yacht Club is holding an Antique Boat show on June 10th.  Registration begins at 3:00pm Friday and the show itself begins at 10:00 Saturday.  There is a boat parade at 3:30 and awards presentation afterwards.

Northeast Pennsylvania Chapter of ACBS, 9th Annual Boat show at Grotto Marina Rt 415, Harveys Lake, PA is on May 27th-28th.  For more info contact Dr. William L. Nash III at 285 East Moyer Road, Pottstown, PA 19464-1534 or 610-970-5749 or

The Finger Lakes Chapter's very own 22nd Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show in Skaneateles, NY.  Situated at the foot of what can only be described as a quaint little village, complete with band stand, this is the prettiest location for a show.  With the village shops and restaurants only 100 meters from the park and show docks, it is also convenient.  Contact Arnie Rubenstein, 124 Pine Ridge Road, Fayetteville, NY 13066, or 315-446-8700 days or 315-637-8522 evenings; or Dana Ritchie, 2 Hillcrest Road, Bedford, MA 01730, 781-275-3306 days or 617-275-6521 evenings or

When you send in your show registration, don't forget to reserve your seat for the escorted, riding tour of historical Skaneateles.  The trolley leaves for approximately an hour  trip at 10:00am, 11:00am and noon.  There are only 54 seats available so reserve now! 

Ottawa International Antique & Classic Boat Show  August 11th-13th at Hurst Marina, Manotick, Ontario.  The Manotick Chapter  presents "Millennium Mahogany- A Century of Boating on the Rideau", The 25th Annual Show, also a designated 25th Anniversary ACBS Show.  For information, registration or hotels, contact: Don Loken, P.O. Box 948, Manotick, Ontario, Canada K4M 1A8, or 613-692-1540/0730 or
Revitalization & Regeneration: Canals For A New Millennium
Plan to join New York State Canal Corporation & The Canal Society of New York for this exciting conference.  Enjoy site visits, workshops & seminars on  topics including economic development/resource utilization, history/interpretation, tourism promotion/recreation. The conference is  Sept. 10th-15th.  For more info, please email or write to P.O. Box 227, East Rochester, New York 14445.

Rookies Wanted!
FLC has added Rookies to the judging lineup.  If you have ever thought about becoming a judge, are curious about the process, or just want an excuse to hang out with some of the most interesting people at the show,  here is your chance.  This year three Rookies will be paired up with their own judging teams, & spend Saturday watching and learning the ropes.  Anyone interested should contact Arnie Rubenstein to sign up.  ( See above FLC show contact info.)
 European Canal Cruise
The following request was submitted by chapter member Bernie Clapp.
I would like to get a group together for an English canal cruise for the summer of 2001.  I'm looking for about 18 to 20 people to take the trip with me.  I have requested brochures from several narrow boat operators (we skipper) & hotel boat operators (skippered w/meals).  You can reach me at

ACBS Fellowship Endowment Fund
Based upon funds raised from last year's 300 for 300 promotion, the ACBS has established a research endowment program, to promote the knowledge of historic, antique or classic boats or history of antique boating in general.  Applications for those who wish to submit for a grant should be ready shortly.  The amount and number of grants given out will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Recipients will be expected to publish their research and give a presentation on their findings at an appropriate time and place.
 Fun & Games...The Answers
Well last issue I tried my hand at designing a crossword puzzle, while my husband provided a word scramble.  His was the easier task, although his may also have been more enjoyed.  My contribution had two errors.  Clue 41 across got deleted, it was ____,_____,_____, your boat.  Also the answer of 31 down ended up with three extra boxes tacked on the end.  My apologies, and I am trying again this issue.  Here are the last issue's answers.  Scramble first.  1.  Marina, 2.  Motorboat, 3.  Hatch, 4.  Helm, 5.  Fender, 6.  Chine 7.  Bowline, 8.  Buoy, 9.  Burgee, 10.  Cleat.  Crossword, Down 1.  Fair, 2.  Plug, 3.  Bowline, 6.  Launch, 7.  Aye, 8.  Oakum, 10. Trend, 11.  Stanchion, 17.  Scull, 18.  Wood, 19.  Trice, 20.  List, 21 knot, 23.  Knee, 25.  Gas 26.  Yawl, 28.  Lapstrake, 30.  Hog, 31.  Wet, 39.  Aground, 40.  Runabout, 41.  Row, 42.  Depth.  Across 3.  Brightwork, 4.  West, 5.  Island, 7.  Anchor, 9.  Keel, 12.  Paddle, 13. Deck, 14.  Nun, 15.  Rat, 16.  Foul, 17.  Starboard, 18.  Warp, 22.  North, 24.  Can, 25.  Galley, 27.  Prow, 29.  South, 32.  Lee, 33.  Age, 34.  Water, 35.  Ribs, 36.  Beams, 37.  Join, 38.  Union.

New Members
PhilipFalso, 7 Gale Place, Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Ken & Laura Konstable, PO Box 52, Strykersville, NY 14145
Gary & Carolyn Mucci, 27 Tudor Place, Buffalo, NY
Welcome Aboard!

Website Help!
I have been told that a number of people have had a hard time locating the chapter's website, hopefully the following information will help.  The club's website is If you are on AOL, then you need to get onto the world wide web in order to visit the site.  If you are using an outlook express or netscape navigator, then you can type the site address in as written above and go right to the chapter's web pages.  Once there you will find links to some great websites and also past and current issues of Brightwork.

 Fall Foliage Cruise
This year's Fall Foliage Cruise is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th and will begin at Cayuga Lake State Park located near the northwest end of Cayuga Lake.  The launch ramp at the State Park is excellent and there is ample free parking for trailers and vehicles nearby.  The objective will be to have all boats launched and ready to depart by 10:00am which should allow ample time for road-travel to the Park from most points in the Finger Lakes Region.
Once underway, we'll head for the northeast end of the lake and enter the Seneca-Cayuga Canal, a branch of the Erie Canal System, and head west toward Seneca Falls.  En route we'll negotiate Locks 2 &3 (a double lock).  Following the lock is picturesque Van Cleef Lake, the source of many photogenic scenes used to promote upstate New York.  Seneca Falls lies just beyond with several newly installed docking facilities for large and small craft located behind the village's main street.  After docking, we'll congregate at the Seneca Museum of Waterways and Industry,  located at 89 Fall St. and immediately adjacent to the docks.  There will be some time to get acquainted with this relatively new museum, meet the people who have put it together and have a well-prepared box lunch at no cost to participants.  Following lunch, there will be a presentation on the history of the local canal system and its impact on the area with time for questions and answers.  Then, as time allows, there will be opportunities to walk around historic Seneca Falls, visit the Women's Rights Museum, the National Women's Hall of Fame, or boaters can continue west on the canal to the other lock on this arm of the waterway at Waterloo, before turning around and heading back to Cayuga Lake and the State Park.
Mark your calendars now for this cruise and check the September issue of Brightwork for a reminder, a map of the route and a number to call for signing-up for lunch Submitted by Dick Sherwood

 Meet Our Members
Wendy Fetridge, Lanesboro, MA
This month I have made my family the subject of this article, it will give you some inside information on your editor.  To start with, my father is Syd Marsden one of the founding members of the club.  Since his involvement was a family thing, I was raised with boats in various stages of restoration.  I recall a kayak being assembled and repaired in the livingroom, only to have the bay windows taken out in order to remove from the house.  Another time a hole was cut through the basement window to allow for work on a steam engine during the winter months, and finding the framework for the Lozier canopy soaking up in our bathtub wasn't a surprise.  Needless to say it doesn't faze me to have a canoe in the dining room during the winter months, or gunwales and keels hanging from the ceiling of the house.  Our daughter didn't even realize the varnished seats in the back bedroom actually belonged in a boat.  I am not overly tolerant, we just eat, sleep and breathe antique boating.  When we can't be on the water, we are busy planning or undertaking a restoration, authentic costumes for the up and coming show season, or crafting something for the annual auction.  When my husband married into the family, he already had a love for wooden boats, but has since grown to our level of passion.  He designs the covers for Brightwork, and our company Berkshire Television produces videos and photographs of our involvement, when we are not busy with the latest project boat.  I won't list our boats, as the extended family has about 4 dozen from the mide 1860s to the mid 1960s, and they cover all classes (man, wind, & power). We enjoy the boat club, and still view it as that!  We support the club's endeavors and look forward to helping with the educational aspects of its goals.  < to visit our website  click here>

Buy, Sell or Trade
1959 19' Lyman Islander with never used custom built trailer. $2000.  Also 1956 16' Penn Yan Sealiner with KBL engine.  Boat has original paint and varnish. $1000  Lou Smith 607-734-3882, leave message.

1930 18' Fay bow runabout. Structural restoration completed 1995.  60 hp Chris Craft B rebuilt 1993.  Runs great!  New EZ loader trailer.  Beautiful boat!  Doug Knapp 607-869-9271
 1960 Chris Craft 27' Sea-Skiff hardtop.  Good 283 Chevy, with fresh rebuilt velvet drive transmission.  Boat has been well taken care of by previous owner.  Previous owner damaged bottom on keel by strut during transit last fall, (boat fell off trailer).  Some road rash on 4 lap-strake planks on starboard side.  Vertical supports, (windshield) supporting hardtop need attention.  Pictures of boat/damage available.  Transportation to buyer available. $2,895 open to offers and trades.

Chevy 283 "flagship" running when removed from boat 10 years ago.  Needs intake manifold, carb, starter. $145 Call 716-554-3190 Doug or email

1957 Lyman, 14' center steering, outboard.  30 hp Johnson included. Boat has been taken apart and all exterior paint sanded to wood.  Boat needs final finishing and reassembly.  Asking $600 or trade for small aluminum boat and motor.  Call John Phillips 716-554-3885 or email

1957 Chris Craft 17' Runabout KFL twin carb (only needs fuel pump rebuilt).  Boat is a "gray" boat and needs 2 side planks repaired.  Decks should be replaced.  All chrome there except windshield.  Seats (frames) for patterns, no upholstery. $3,000 Call Dan Sheedy at 716-394-2532 or email

1957 15' Lyman outboard. Unrestored, well taken care of, with 35 hp Elgin and trailer.  Under shrink wrap at Utica Boat marina on south side of Oneida Lake.  Call Dorothy Graczyk 315-675-3592.

1948 25' Chris Craft Sportsman.  Needs restoration, but has all hardware and original leather upholstery. $4,900.  Trailer available.  Also 1950s Penn Yan Swift, ski model.  Needs restoration but is solid without rot. $750 Call George Seeley 607-547-9330 Cooperstown, NY

1961 15' Whirlwind outboard with 55 hp Johnson.  Call Ham Armstrong 315-594-1632

Rare 1927 20' Gesswein sportabout (hull#7) with original 6 cyl Van Blerck engine.  Twin Cockpit with unusual facing rear seats.  Brass hardware, leather upholstery.  Boat & engine fully restored, both in excellent condition.  Trailer included.  Asking $40,000 or make reasonable offer.  Geno or Barbara Giovannetti, Box 84, Fair Haven, NY 13064 315-947-5532 evenings.

1963 13' Penn Yan Swift, stepped hull, 50 hp Mercury with trailer $4,500.  Also 1959 22' Century Raven, needs restoration, $2,000.  Also 1915 (?) 24' Fry launch, built in Clayton, make offer.  Also 1957 24' custom built Hubert Johnson cedar lapstrake inboard, 3/4" planking riveted to heavy oak ribs, decks, windshield, coamings and seats 3/4" mahogany, floor decks, hatches 3/4" teak, restored for easy maintenance, hull sides Interlux white, mahogany and teak finished with Cetol marine "no sand finish", bottom has Interlux Micron CSC "no sand bottom paint", engine is a 225 hp Chrysler Hemi with reduction gear, custom-built bunked tandem axel trailer with brakes and removable uprights. $54,000  Call George Morse, 315-889-7720 or Box 89, Union Springs, NY 13160

1929 22' Chris Craft Cadet.  Restoration started, hull and bottom in great original condition.  Would like to finish to buyer's satisfaction.  Photos and more info available.  Asking $32,000.  Call George Morse at 315-889-7720 or Will Schempp at 607-533-7208

1954 14' Shell Lake.  Good fishing boat.  Painted 1997. $400 Sally Lathrop 716-554-6147

1959 22' Century Raven with 170 hp V-8.  New upholstery throughout.  Fresh brightwork, paint and anti-fouling bottom done fall 98.  Ready for water with tandem trailer.  Sacrifice at $7,500.  Call Doug Persee 315-469-3349 Fair Haven, NY

1950 22' Chris Craft Sportsman.  All original, completely restored in 1992. Revarnished and "M" engine rebuilt 1997.  Full canvas plus cover.  Stored in boathouse year round. $20,500 or reasonable offer.  Call Bob Parke 315-446-6260

Chris Craft Crow convertible top hardware.  Pre-war kits for 22, 24, 7 26' models.  Parts are machined and drilled.  Chrome, bows and tops available.  1936 Garwood Speedster 3 piece windshield and late 20's Chris Craft "dog bone" gas caps.  1927 17' Johnson Aquaflyer, rare outboard.  Original catalogs, drawings and engine. $3,500.  1931 14' Edwin Long outboard with deck.  Made in Rochester, NY.  Johnson K-65 motor. $1,500.  1936 17' Hackercraft split cockpit runabout, "Our Toy" with 6 cyl Ace. Only known original with many awards. Make an offer, will consider a street rod in trade. Complete engines: Grays 6-51, 6-71, 6-75 Dual ignition, 6-112 & 4-52, Hercules B & M, Universal BN, C-4422.  Parts for B, K, M & much more.  Cal Erwin after 6pm 716-594-8533

Wanted: Chrysler "LM" Imperial 6. Complete or parts engine.  Also old Clayton Museum boat show posters from 1960s to 1984.

1956 20' Morehouse inboard (utility).  Cedar on steam bent white oak with mahogany decking and 95 hp Chris Craft K.  All original, complete and in very good condition.  Needs only cosmetics.  Stored indoors since 85, out of water since 71.  Engine ran well prior to storage.  One of only 10 built, 1 of only 5 or 6 remaining.  Located in Weedsport, NY No trailer, make an offer.  Ray Kusche (E) 207-865-1041 (D) 207-774-6400

For Sale: 1960's vintage Chris Craft, CVA-16-0203C, GM 283 185HP.  Hull in good condition. Needs refinishing.  Power plant in excellent condition.  See at Sevey's Boatyard Inc.
Tel: 315-496-2092 Email    Website

FLC Boat Show Update
Submitted by Arnold Rubenstein & Dana Ritchie Show Co-chairs
Plans for our boat show are progressing most satisfactorily.  We are following the same schedule of events we did last year.  We received so many compliments that we dared not change a thing.  We did add an activity, the historic tour of Skaneateles on the trolley car.  You need not enter a boat to enjoy the show.  Participation will allow you to take the tour, come to the dinners, or sit on the lawn and enjoy the music and of course look at the fine display of boats.  We encouragemembers to come out and enjoy these activities in addition to talking to fellow club members or going for boat rides.  We will get you in a boat, we promise.  Also I encourage anyone who likes to "get involved" to call me.  I will happily get you plugged in where you feel comfortable and where you will get to know the wonderful people who make up our club.  You will have more fun and satisfaction by being a part of this successful event.  I speak from past and present experience.  So come out and enjoy your show.

The Peter Wiles Sr.Trophy
FLC's boat show is known throughout ACBS as a top-rated first-class event.  This means that along with tons of fun, there is quality judging and unique awards.  The awards we present each year have helped to create our image.  This year we will be presenting 26 awards to 26 very deserving exhibitors.  One of the most impressive of these awards, is the Peter Wiles Sr. Trophy.  It was established by a prominent resident of Skaneateles and the Wiles family to honor the late Peter Wiles, Sr. founder of Mid-Lakes Navigation Co.
Peter, Sr.  loved boats & boating.  In memory of him & his passion, this award is presented to a FLC member and their boat, based upon a display of a similar passion, demonstrated by that person's love for his/her boat and frequent use of the boat.  This could really be expressed as the best-loved and most-often-used boat.
It is difficult to determine the winning recipient since we all love our boats.  Recognizing the emphasis is on the owner as much as on the boat, I encourage you to demonstrate your love for your boat by entering it in our show.  Perhaps YOU will take home the very special and impressive Peter Wiles Sr.Trophy.  Submitted by Arnold Rubenstein and Dana Ritchie Boat Show Co-chairs.This feature will be included in each issue highlighting different a special recognition presented by the ACBS or FLC.

by Bruce Hall
   Although uncertain of the business address, H.J. Leighton was thought to have begun his engine building career while working above the Straight Line Engine Company at 208 South Geddes Street about 1895.
   Leighton's genius also extended to boat design and in cooperation with then boat builder Tom Milton of Solvay
commissioned the construction of "Adios". This 55' by 6'6" beam open launch with drake tail style transom was considered radical in that the beam was some 20% greater than what was believed optimal at the time. Leighton fitted this heavily designed hull with a powerful eight cylinder 120 HP motor of his manufacture and proceeded to speed about Onondaga Lake in 1902 at the then excessive speed of 24 MPH! An editor's quote in a 1902 issue of Rudder states "It honestly makes me smile when I think of how you all will wonder at this bit of news from a little inland town".
   Leighton is said to have contented himself in the boat and engine business in the Upstate New York and Thousand Island area. Dozens of Leighton launches were built in sizes ranging from 20 to 60'. "Many were built to a contract speed and each Leighton engine came with a l-year guarantee", "no small assurance at a time when an engine that started was often regarded as miraculous."
   The success of Adios was compounded by H.J. Leighton on October 29, 1903 when Adios took on the awesome 60' by 7'6" beam boat Standard in Adios' only competition outside Central New York. Standard went on to be undefeated in Gold Cup competition for a number of years after its humiliating defeat at the Brooklyn Yacht Club by contender Adios. Adios crossed the finish line a full five minutes ahead of Standard over a 12 mile course averaging 21.2 miles per hour verses Standard's 17.2 miles per hour.
   Specifications of Leighton mammoth 8 cylinder engine are not known, but Standard (planked in 3/16" mahogany)
campaigned a 6 cylinder open crank case 4 cycle Riotte designed engine of 10" stroke and 8" bore with total displacement of an unbelievable 3,016 cubic inches!
   Little exists of H.J. Leighton's genius today but if you are fortunate to be at Old Forge New York during the Adirondack  Chapter Antique Boat Show  in July, look for the 1900 vintage Leighton built launch "Indian Girl" that arrived by rail at Old Forge in 1900 and has graced Fourth Lake all her phenomenal life. Leighton 60 HP engines were said to have cost $6,000.00 in 1902 - Indian Girl may be the last physical evidence of H.J. Leighton Motor and Launch Company in the world.
   Leighton later competed in 1905 Gold Cup racing. His 27'3" racing launch "Chip" won the Gold Cup on a rules corrected average speed of 18.4 miles per hour. Chipwas said to have continued in use for another 30 years as a fishing guide boat. Leighton's 1905 win with Chip came at the Thousand Island Chippewa Bay Yacht Club. Leighton's genius prevailed again in 1906 when he called upon his Cornell Sibley College of Engineering background and designed a rules beating 2-cylinder engine of 4" bore and 10" stroke displacing 251 cubic inches. He then added a third cylinder of 6" bore and 6 1/2" stroke which pumped air and fuel into the other two producing a super charging effect of approximately 10 pounds boost pressure.
   Leighton's invention was installed in a 30' by 4' 8" hull he called "Chip II". Leighton's engine was rated at 15.34 HP but actual output was at least twice the stated rating. After much debate and discontent, Leighton's 1906 entry was declared the 1906 Gold Cup winner.
   Leighton's Gold Cup involvement waned after 1907 when his twin engine 6 cylinder 400 HP two cycle powered Chip II was defeated at Chippewa Bay by the now famous Dixie II; hence a Central New York designer-builder greatly contributed to early marine power innovations setting standards for the world. Further reading can be done on early Gold Cup racing in Dan Fostle's excellent book Speed Boat from which the majority of information on H.J. Leighton was drawn. 

Presidents Message
This winter your Board of Directors has been meeting on a monthly basis to put the plans in motion for the summer and fall events and to keep the affairs of the Chapter in good order.  Some changes have been made that I would like to bring to your attention.  First of all we have a new recording secretary in the person of Jeff Williams who takes over for Dick Sherwood who felt it was time to shed one of the many positions he has been holding simultaneously within our Chapter as well as on the International Board.  Dick will remain on the Chapter Board and continue to be our Membership Chairman.  Jeff and his wife Patricia live in Trumansburg, NY where they run an insurance agency.  Jeff has two Century Resorters and also finds time to fly and dabble in old cars.
In this newsletter, we have published a schedule of Board of Director's meetings for the next twelve months.  We hope this will enable members to make plans to attend  our meetings. We have always encouraged member participation but the time & place information was never forthcoming.  Hopefully this will correct that situation.
Our biggest event of the year, the Annual Boat Show, is fast approaching & we thought it would be helpful to list those areas where volunteer help is always needed.  This way you can choose what you might like to get involved with rather than being told what to do.  Please read the list over & consider lending us an hour or two of your time while you are at the show.  We certainly appreciate your help & believe you will get more enjoyment out of the show by being a part of it.  See you there.

Schedule of Board of Director's Meetings 2000-2001
Sunday, September 17th at 4:00pm at the Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport, NY followed by dinner at approximately 6:30.
Sunday, October 22nd at 2:00pm at the Townsend's home in Baldwinsville.
Sunday, November 19th at 2:00pm at the Townsend's home in Baldwinsville.
Saturday, January 20th at 4:00pm at the Sherwood Inn Skaneateles, NY followed by the Annual Meeting.
Sunday, February 18th at 2:00pm at the Townsend's home in Baldwinsville.
Sunday, March 18th at 2:00pm at the Townsend's home in Baldwinsville.
Sunday, April 22nd at 4:00pm at the Sunset Restaurant in Auburn, NY followed by dinner at approximately 6:30.
Sunday, May 20th at 2:00pm at the Townsend's home in Baldwinsville.

Volunteers for the FLC Boat Show July 28-30, 2000
If you would like to be part of a fantastic weekend filled with great food, great music, beautiful boats and interesting people join us the biggest boating event in Central New York this summer and while you are at it volunteer an hour or two of your time to give us a hand.  If any of the activities listed below are of interest to you please give a call to Arnie Rubenstein at 685-0353 evenings, or Roger Townsend at 635-9695 and we will fit you into the schedules.  You will be glad you did.

Staff the ship's store selling merchandise to prospective customers.
Staff the membership desk and hand out ACBS literature.
Help at the launch site.
Staff the registration desk.
Take pictures of boat show activities.
Sell advertising for the Show program.
Publicize the show.
Distribute Show posters around Central New York.
Help make signage for the show.
Thank you for any time you can give us.

Ship's Store
Looking for the perfect gift for someone or ourself, then call Ron Svec at 607-657-2748 and he will update you on the latest merchandise in the ship's store.  The variety of clothing & gift items, include the FLC's video, perfect for learning about the chapter. There are t-shirts, caps & golf shirts with the FLC's logo.  These are quality weights just right for the summer.  If you need something a little warmer for those evening cruises, how about a dressy style sweatshirt (2 buttons & collar) with side pockets &  a small FLC logo.  Looking to entertain the children or grandkids, Tony Mollica's "Coloring the Classics" are great coloring books.  How about an FLC logo engraved wooden pen, an FLC bow pennant or FLC  logo window sticker.   Plus much, much more.