Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 17, Issue 4 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS December 2007

UPDATED December 25th 2007 page 13


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A boater's Noel

with thanks to Jack GiffordI

We come, once again, to the Yuletide Season when thoughts of old boating may dim

The lights and the glitter and friends all a-twitter with parties, presents and vim

Those wonderful times of Christmas chimes and carolers singing Noel

Touches the soul with each special role we all remember so well

But deep in the heart there still smolders a spark of springtime and boating profound

Of placid lakes and dockside bakes with family and friends gathered 'round

We sit in the chair with a deep trance-like stare into space as we picture the day

When the snow is all gone and we finally see lawn and put all our shovels away

That sweet-smelling day we again make our way to the barn where the old girl resides

When we roll back the door, pull the tarp to the floor and gaze once again with pride

But alas, it's still cold and the north wind's bold as they push the snow down the lanes

The wind's eerie moan sends a chill to old bones and rattles the window panes

So we sit by the fire and gaze with desire at the picture we've painted there

Of boating runs and dockside fun and Adirondack chairs

But for now we must bide and keep inside our wishes for summer's return

For it's Christmastime with carol's rhyme and Yuletide Logs to burn

So we'll send warm thoughts to all you old Salts 'til springtime comes and then

We'll meet at the docks, slip the lines through the chocks And it's boating season again!

Merry Christmas &Happy New Year