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Volume 17, Issue 4 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS December 2007

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The following President's Column was written by David J. Kidd in 1983, when he was President of ACBS, and published in a Rusty Rudder of that year. ACBS was then eight years old and it seemed timely to document and inform the membership about how the organization came into being. The account was provided by the first ACBS President, Ray Nelson, via a phone call to Dave Kidd. Ray followed-up the phone conversation with a detailed letter, confirming everything he had told Dave earlier. Recently, after searching his files for the column, Dave found himself disappointed for not having given Ray full credit for supplying the information.

Many thanks to Dave Kidd for resurrecting this bit of history and offering it for publication in Brightwork.-Ed.

The Authentic Account of the

Founding of ACBS

Each year, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. continues to grow at a vigorous rate. At the January 29, 1983 meeting of the Board of Directors, four new chapters were accepted. We welcomed Barnegat Bay, Lake Wawasee (Indiana), Mississippi Valley and Texas. It has been almost nine years since the founding of ACBS. It seems to me that this would be an appropriate time to review the past.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. was inaugurated January 25, 1975 with the election of officers and publication of the Constitution and By-Laws. Worldwide interest in antique boating was increasing comparatively fast, but without communication. Further growth could have been disjointed, or cohesion could result from some form of organization.

In addition to the sharing of ideas and the human desire to know what others are doing, there was realistic need for establishing some standards in a hobby that came of age competitively. At the First Lake George Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous on August 24-25, 1974, the first positive step was taken. At the picnic on Canoe Island in Lake George, Ray Nelson initiated a discussion on the feasibility of forming an organization of people interested in antique boats. From the nine people in attendance, eight became Founders.

In spite of some question as to whether or not there was a need for such an organization, it was decided to proceed, and a meeting was scheduled for November 2, 1974, at Lake George. Thirty persons representing six states attended the meeting and 49 others indicated interest but were unable to attend. During five hours of exchanging ideas, the meeting produced positive results, and a second meeting was scheduled for November 23, 1974, at Glen Falls, NY. At this meeting the name of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. was adopted by a majority vote, and a temporary Board of Directors was appointed to act as a nominating committee to establish a slate of officers and the required standing committees.

A nominating meeting was held on December 7, 1974, at Cleverdale, NY, and the nominating committee passed a resolution to supply all eligible voters with a proxy form instructing the Secretary to cast one ballot for the slate of officers and directors nominated. Proxy votes had to be accompanied with a membership application and payment of dues postmarked no later than 12:00 midnight, January 25, 1975. All proxies were positive. Therefore, January 25, 1975 was established as the inauguration date of the Society.

The purpose of ACBS is to provide a means through which individuals sharing a common interest in antique and classic boating can meet and exchange ideas relative to the development, preservation, publication and technical interchange of historical and other information.

Founders of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. were Joseph W. Fleming, Jr., Edward A Larter, Ray Nelson, Anthony O'Boyle, G. Mason Saunders, Munro Sherrill, William C. Smith and John R. Summers.

The first officers elected were Ray Nelson, President; H. Drayton Mook and William C. Smith, Vice Presidents; Joseph Fleming, Jr., Secretary; and Jack Binley, Treasurer. David J. Kidd, President, ACBS

In the next issue of Brightwork, look for the story of the formation of the Finger Lakes Chapter as compiled by two who were there at the time. And then, just before the Chapter's 30th Anniversary Boat Show, the June 2008 issue will carry the story of how the first FLC Boat Show came into being. -Ed.

Brightwork Wins Best Newsletter Award

At the ACBS Annual Meeting at Lake George in September, Brightwork was awarded Best Chapter Newsletter for 2007. Seven newsletters were considered for the honor and two, The Tidewater Chapter News and The Nautical Mile from the Philadelphia Chapter, tied for Runner-Up Awards. Chapter News Magazines compete in a separate category.

At the Chapter Roundtable Meeting scheduled just before the ACBS Board of Directors Summer Meeting on June 27, 2008, the primary topic of discussion will be how to increase interest in producing high-quality newsletters among the ACBS chapters. Your editor plans to participate.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed articles, or material for articles, in the four issues of Brightwork that were evaluated for the 2007 award. -Ed

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