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Over a year ago, I was talking to Peter Breen about one thing or another and he casually mentioned a boat that was under restoration in his shop. It sounded very interesting and I asked him if he thought the owner would let us do a piece on the boat. Peter said that he thought so and promised to speak to him. Not long after that, Peter called and said that he had spoken to the gentleman and he said he would be glad to. It was just that casual.

Some months later, my friend, Duncan Remington had been on a cruising tour of boathouses on the Muskoka Lakes
(see Vol 3, Issue 1) and had met Peter and said he would like to write an article about him for a future issue of the magazine. Although Bev McMullen had asked to do just that (see last issue), I kept Duncanís offer of another article in the back of my mind.

Duncan was the Editor of the Wine Country (ACBS) Chapterís Newsletter for eleven years and I knew that he was extremely capable. So when Peter called and said that the boat was almost finished, I gave Duncan a call and asked if he would like to do an article on a boat coming out of Peterís shop, he casually said ďSureĒ. The arrangements were made and Duncan spent a couple of days with the guys at Peterís shop outside of Toronto. Duncan went back to New York, penned his thoughts, reviewed them with Rick McGraw for authenticity and sent the article to me.

Little did any of us realize the magnitude of information that Rick McGraw had been able to amass about his boat, Heldena II and how daunting the task would become to deliver a dynamic article on this very historic Canadian Race Boat. Bev McMullen had compiled an enormous photo-journal of the restoration, the launching and the coming out party. She also interviewed Helen Miller, the namesake of Heldena II. It had become quite a
collaboration at this point. As new history was being made daily, we had to say stop and go to press.

Our sincere appreciation to Rick McGraw for trusting us with the Heldena II story and his original documents and photos.  Our thanks to Bev McMullen for all her gorgous photography, Duncan Remington for his splendid
introduction and, of course, Peter Breen, who started it all.
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