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J.J. TAYLOR (boat builder) & GEORGE F. CROUCH (boat designer) All three HELDENA boats were built by J.J. Taylor, an English immigrant who arrived in Canada to seek employment and his fortune in 1904. He worked for a couple of other companies including a boat builder in Muskoka, and then started his own business around 1914-15. His first job on his own is reported to be the first HELDENA.
He then went on to build HELDENA II in 1916-17. He appears to have had a pretty close working relationship with Fred R. Miller and to have built all his boats. J.J. Taylor built boats of every description for many people and as a company was longer in business than almost all other wooden boat operation in Canada. It appears he built HELDENA II for $2600 without the engine and had discussions with Miller about different ways in which it could be built. Fred Millerís total costs are said to be in the $8,000 -$10,000 range for HELDENA II. It appears that J.J. Taylor built the boat and a company called Canadian Beaver supplied and installed the engine.
J.J. Taylor & Sons was operating until 1940 building everything from race boats to launches to sailboats and even minesweepers for the Russian Navy. J.J. Taylor became known as the Dean of Canadian boat building. James Jessie Taylor had several children and they all were involved in the business.
His business started in the backyard of his home and was subsequently located in several places along the Toronto waterfront.
GEORGE F. CROUCH was an American boat designer based in New York who became very famous in the 1920ís for designing many of the fastest and most famous Gold Cup Racers. He designed HELDENA II and III for Fred Miller.
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