Volume 16, Issue 4 ...................... ..........Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS.................................... December 2006

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A metered tale by FLC's resident bard, Jack Gifford

It was gloomy and dark, that day in Clift Park

When we gathered to take our Fall Cruise

We all stood around, stamped our feet on the ground to get some warmth in our shoes

Somebody said, "We're touched in the head to take the 'Judge' in this weather"

But we all agreed it was just what we need since we're sea birds that all flock together

The last cruise of year was done with no fear since our boats were snug in their barns

So the swells of three feet looked kind of neat as they climbed ever nearer the lawns

The Judge is, of course, the big workhorse and pride of the Mid-Lakes fleet

She sat calm at the dock with just a slight rock and a minimum tug at the cleat

We felt that our ride would be smooth and we'd slide o'er the tumult with minimum sway

So we went along, all eighteen strong, finding tables and chairs on the way

We pulled from the dock about twelve o'clock and made our way down the lake

The staff was superb and, good as their word, had refreshments to us in a shake

The captain's spiel from up at the wheel was informative, chatty and bright

But we learned a lot more from the table next door and our local guides,

Stinson and White

Well, we made the turn west and then north by northwest past the homes on West Lake Road

And rounded the point by that Yacht Club joint and headed for 'safe harbor' mode

The weather, still icky, made docking a bit tricky but the Captain was up to the task

He let 'er drift in with a minimum spin of the wheel and a touch of the gas

We made fast to the dock around two o'clock, said goodbye to the crew and each other

Then headed for home having done with the foam and the chill of this fall's weather

All in all it wouldn't be fall without the traditional cruise

It's the last big fling as we wait for spring and awake from the long winter snooze

Perhaps next year as we pack up our gear for the last hurrah of the season

We'll have plenty of sun and warm weather fun to give us all a reason

To take to the lake hardly making a wake enjoying the fall color show

With family and friends we can boat again before the North winds blow

But it matters not for what we've got are friendships that shine through the rain

And lasts through the blasts of the cold winter months�

until we meet again