Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 17, Issue 3 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS September 2007

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Letter from a First-Time Boat Show Exhibitor

Dear Janice, (Janice Miller, Boat Show Dock Master)

My small group and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire Skaneateles Boat Show experience. As a first-timer at the event as well as a first-time visitor to Skaneateles, I can truly say that the organizational effort put forth by everyone with whom we interfaced was outstanding. A highlight for me was the fact that one of the judges intuitively suspected that this was my first experience at a boat show. After answering a few questions asked by the two judges examining my 1958 Thompson outboard, I went further out on the pier to look at some of the other boats. One of the judges sought me out and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the results of their efforts. We went back to my slip and I received several pointers regarding what would be considered acceptable repairs, having been under the impression that repairing minor imperfections in the Preserved Category was a "no-no." It struck me that with all that the judges had to accomplish in the heat of that day, that this gentleman was kind enough to personally and professionally help me understand some of the nuances of this awesome hobby. I was humbled by that experience and can say with certainty that his suggestions did not fall on deaf ears. Next year, the Thompson will be a force in this category! And, of course, I'll try not to inadvertently start my engine in reverse while still in the slip prior to the parade! I could go on and on in a complimentary fashion, but it's obvious to me that while such accolades are clearly deserved, all the members of the Skaneateles team are well aware of their individual capabilities and the knowledge that teamwork is the essence of the event's success. But the beauty of it all is that your team is not only a well-oiled machine, but one with a fantastic personality as well! Again, thank you for a wonderful experience. We will be back again next year and in the meantime, we plan to visit Skaneateles several more times before next July.

Sincerely, Howard Hopson, Kingston, PA

The judge that Howard refers to was Dick Newcomb. Much appreciation goes to Dick for going out of his way to help a first-time exhibitor and make him feel at home. The other judges included in Chief Judge Mick Griffin's crew were Herb Anthony, Don Buesing, Tish Cook, John Ford, Joe Kabot, Fred Mayer, Rod Taylor, Larry Turcotte, and Bill Moon. -Ed.