Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 17, Issue 2.................................................................. June 2007

UPDATED june 20th 2007



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Letters to the Editor

Hello Dick,
I received your article about Phoebe (II) today and I read it in one go from beginning to end. It is fantastic. Beautifully laid out, crisp end, very interesting photos and very thorough and true in all areas of Phoebe's history. It obviously benefited from your detailed research and the input from the Wikstroms. Also, it benefited from the input by Don Quant who instructs us about the finer details of insure, ensure and assure. I love it.

Big favour: would you put it on a CD and mail that to us for our archives? Also, I would love to print it as an insert in our newsletter if that is OK with you. We will clearly credit you and whomever you wish to include. Printing from the CD would preserve the quality.

It is so interesting to read this comprehensive article from your perspective across the border. It is all so familiar but there are many details that we did not have which we value. Your explanation of how she got to be simply known as "The Phoebe" is great. I knew, of course, that she was number two, but for PR reasons, I never mentioned that too much, only when talking with purists. Now I have a great explanation.

The name plates were actually made from aluminum, which we analyzed and determined were most likely the original ones. The metal had inclusions and a micro-structure that was not modern. Our expert said that aluminum would have been an expensive metal back then and of special interest to somebody like John Brashear.

I enjoyed your line that the Finger Lakes Chapter contributed to the restoration. We remember it well. If we sent you our fundraising package for the new shelter, would the Chapter be able and willing to contribute again? It would benefit us in two ways. Any contribution is much appreciated, but to have it come from NY is so much more meaningful and we can use that to our advantage with the City of Kingston staff and politicians. It also spurs our supporters on to keep up the good deeds. Please do not feel obliged in any way, but would a few members be willing to consider this?

Also did you talk to Warren Weiant? I should phone him, because I do not know how he is doing. He was fragile in the very early 2000 years. Anyway, I can and will give him a call. He was very nice to us and really interested in what we were doing.
Your article, again, is very well done. Your members can be proud to have this high quality information included in their newsletter and membership benefits.
Please let me know if you are willing to send me a CD. We are more than willing to pay for any expense

Warm regards.
Henk Wever and the Friends of the Phoebe.

CD sent with permission to use in newsletter. Will pass the fundraising package on to the FLC Board of Directors. -Ed.

Thank you very much for all your help. John Richardson has done a great job organizing the Rideau Canal Cruise. We would appreciate anything you can do with the Finger Lakes Club Newsletter. We are very much looking forward to this great event.
You might also like to know that Ron Jelley is planning a run from Kingston to Ottawa between the Clayton Show and ours.
Dave Tilley

Thanks for the copy of Brightwork newsletter. I'm sure your members will appreciate the Phoebe article and the work you put into compiling it.
See you at the Joint Chapter Meeting.
Don Quant

Hi Dick,
Thank you for the copy of the latest Brightwork ---- Great Job!!!
Now for the good news---I have just unearthed a bunch of old files from the formation of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS. I have a list of the "real" founding members, letters from Ray Nelson, Mo Sherrill, etc., press releases including one for the first formation meeting, and a copy of the first FLC, ACBS newsletter from the fall of 1978, entitled "Shorelines" which includes a list of the boats and owners from the first FLC show.
I also have a storage crate full of FLC, ACBS stuff from the late '70s and through the '80s that I haven't even looked into yet.
Did anybody ever find the original FLC Charter? It was framed and hung on the wall at the Deerhead Inn (Lower Lake Road, Seneca Falls) for a number of years and then went missing.
Also, what ever happened to the "Best In Show" trophy?
I'll let you know what else I find as I go through the crate of information.
FLC Charter Member George Zeth

Dear Mr. Editor (Dick):
Thank you so much for my note of congratulations in the latest Brightwork. That was really sweet of you. It has been my pleasure working with you and all the wonderful people at the FLC. Looking forward to another great show this July!
Susan Dove
Executive Director
Skaneateles Area Chamber Of Commerce

Dear Dick,
Just a short note to say that your article on Phoebe was a real gem. See you later this year.
Bill Gregory