Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 18, Issue 1 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS March 2008

UPDATED March 18th 2008 - page 11


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This model trout boat appeared only in the 1927 Penn Yan boat catalog. It was probably eliminated from the line-up due to the emergence of outboard motors requiring access to the transom.

After learning to row, the next step was to take off in my Uncle Ralph's 1960s Montgomery Ward 12-ft. aluminum boat with a 5 � hp outboard motor. Life could not be better when a young boy had the outboard motor at full throttle, racing along at 10 MPH, and bouncing across the waves when he entered the main part of Keuka Lake from the Basin after crossing the sandbar. Summer vacations and fishing trips provided me the opportunity to learn to operate and enjoy a variety of outboard motors, ranging from a 3 hp to a 125 hp Evinrude. Memories like these are part of my youth, along with the many times spent with my dad, Harry E. Hall, and his outboard motors. They have led me into a hobby now called "Antique Evinrude Outboards" with their paired vintage Penn Yan boats.

My first Evinrude outboard was a college graduation gift in 1978, from my late parents, Harry & Laura Hall. It was a 1968 18 hp Evinrude on a new 14-ft. Mirrowcraft aluminum boat. This outfit has been regularly used on Keuka Lake for the past 30 years.

The '78 Mirrowcraft and its 18 hp Evinrude readied for a fishing trip with Ted's son,

Pete (left), and family friend.

In 1994, my wife, Becky, and I reestablished a "Hall Family Cottage" at Crescent Beach in Branchport. That same year in our hometown of North Canton, Ohio, we located a 1962 3 hp Evinrude outboard motor paired with a 1959 Penn Yan Cartop boat. The motor was originally owned by the Evinrude family and the boat had been brought to North Canton from Naples, Florida. We bought the pair, named the boat the Harry Hall, and returned the two to Keuka Lake where they have made several appearances in Wine Country Boat Shows and the Curtis Museum in Hammondsport.

In 1995, we located a 1972 Glastron with a 1972 100 hp Evinrude in North Canton. This outboard boat was a smaller but similar style to my father's 1964 Glastron, the Molly B with a 125 hp Evinrude. Our family still enjoys the 1972 rig on summer vacations at Keuka Lake.

The Penn Yan Cartop with its namesake in the driver's seat, and patient friend ready for a ride.

During the fall of 1997, we found a 1958 15-ft. Penn Yan Dynamold with a 1959 35 hp Evinrude Golden Jubilee outboard, honoring the 50th Anniversary of Evinrude Motors. We started the stripping of this plywood-sided boat but eventually turned it over to Ed Wightman who professionally refinished it during the winter of 2004-2005. The boat, named DeWick, and motor returned to the waters of Keuka Lake during the summer of 2005.

One hundred Evinrude horses leaving nothing but wake on a beautiful day on Keuka Lake