Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 18, Issue 1 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS March 2008

UPDATED March 18th 2008 - page 5


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July 11-13, 2008 --Save the Dates!

Plans are taking shape for FLC's "Spring into Summer Cruise." That's the weekend when The Adirondack Chapter of ACBS sponsors their annual Fulton Chain Rendezvous at Old Forge, NY. The suggestion that FLC time its early summer cruise to coincide with the Adirondack Chapter's rendezvous has been met with enthusiasm by members of both chapters and should offer enjoyment for all.

Arrival is scheduled for Friday evening, July 11th, for the Adirondack Chapter's cocktail party to be held on the deck of the Forge Motel, overlooking picturesque Old Forge Pond. Saturday morning, beginning around 7:00am, boats will be launched at nearby Rivett's Marina which has generously waived the launch and recovery fee for the antique boats in the show. A New York State launch is also located on Fourth Lake in Inlet.

After launching, boats will be moored along the quay at the park in Old Forge Pond. All the festivities in the park are within walking distance of village shops and restaurants. Following the day's activities, the Adirondack Chapter will host a banquet at North Street Restaurant in Old Forge.

Sunday morning we plan to depart Old Forge Pond for a self-guided tour of the Fulton Chain (much like FLC provides our boat show attendees for cruises on Skaneateles Lake). We plan to stop mid-day at one of the inns along the lake for lunch and return mid-afternoon for pull-out. Those wishing to participate only in the Sunday cruise can launch at the marina Sunday morning prior to departing time.

As always, we encourage members of other chapters to participate and enjoy the scenery and camaraderie of the weekend.

Please contact former FLC President Rob Kidd at 315-635-6187, or Jack Gifford at 315-382-2831 for further information, and look for a final announcement about this event in the June issue of Brightwork.

Did You Know�? �that the Great Depression of the 1930s was primarily responsible for the introduction of "Utility" model runabouts? That economic downturn was widespread and boat sales dropped significantly causing Chris-Craft to re-evaluate their model lineup. The utilities were introduced to offer runabouts with fewer features and more affordable prices which led to a trend that became the best-selling sector of the runabout market.

�that there is a neat Marine Museum in the Port of Oswego? The H. Lee White Marine Museum not only represents the legacy of the Great Lakes, but also the inland waters that make their way from seven of the Finger Lakes to Lake Ontario via Oswego Harbor. The Museum is open daily (except Sundays during the winter) from 1 to 5 PM. In July and August it's open from 10 AM to 5 PM. For more info call 315-342-0480.

�that The Finger Lakes Show is scheduled for May 2-4 at the Fair & Expo Center in Henrietta, NY, a Rochester suburb? This new three-day consumer attraction is a celebration of camps, cottages and lakeside living, catering primarily to fans of "everything Finger Lakes." For more info call 518-371-6363, or go to

�that in January of this year, WD-40 turned 50 years old? Originally designed to combat corrosion, the indispensable solvent is widely used in restoration and maintenance of old engines and almost anything mechanical. Two million cans of it are produced weekly!

�that the early success of the Erie Canal created interest in building another canal from Rochester south along the Genesee River? The Genesee Valley Canal was authorized in 1836, and was opened as far south as Mount Morris by 1840. By 1862, it was completed to Olean and tied into an extension to Dansville which had opened earlier in 1841.

.Have You Seen This Boat?

My brother and I are trying to locate the hydroplane pictured above. It is a Sooy conventional hydroplane built in the late 1960s or early '70s, by Chuck Schluyer from the Buffalo/ Niagara Falls area. My father drove it for him and we are trying to locate it with the hope of bringing it home. Mr. Schluyer can only remember that it went somewhere into the Finger Lakes Region but cannot remember to whom he sold it.

The boat is 18-19 ft. long and had the number N-225 on each sponson. It was named Mr. Chuck and had white decks and brown cowlings. If you have seen this boat or one that looks like it in any way (because it has most likely been painted over the years), please contact us at the addresses/phone number shown below. Even

if you know the boat has moved on or, heaven forbid, been destroyed, please let us know so that we can either continue our search or say a few kind words of remembrance. Thanks very much, Tim O'Connor 2249 Shadagee Rd. Phone: 716-627-1173 Eden, NY 14057 E-mail: PS We would also be interested in any other old Hydroplanes that you know of. .