Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 17, Issue 3 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS September 2007

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From the Boat Show Co-chair: A huge "THANK YOU!" to all who helped with this year's show! Whenever I'm around a group of vintage boat enthusiasts, I invariably hear great comments about our shows. My wife, Anna, and I were recently at a show on Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte, NC when I overheard another attendee mention Skaneateles. After I introduced myself, the gentleman and his spouse began telling their friends about what a wonderful show we have. From the launch helpers, to the parade and fly-by, the meals, and genuine friendliness of everyone they encountered, their comments were all very positive. At other shows we have attended, as soon as folks have found out we're from the Finger Lakes Chapter's show in Skaneateles, they have expressed their compliments about us. None of this happens by accident. It is a result of a year- round series of meetings and untold hours put in by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our Chapter members, the Skaneateles Area Chamber of Commerce, the Skaneateles Merchants Association, our faithful sponsors, the Skaneateles Historical Society, and many, many others are what make it happen. And, of course, most important of all, the exhibitors without whom the show could not go on! At our wrap-up meeting each year, we discover things which need to be added or changed in future years. We always try to keep our "ears open" to comments from exhibitors and spectators before, during and after each show. These, along with our own observations, are brought to the table at our Board of Directors meetings as well as at meetings with the Chamber of Commerce. They result in constant fine-tuning, keeping each show in a continuous state of improvement. All in all, I feel that our 29th Boat Show was a great success. I am looking forward to next year when we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Finger Lakes Chapter's Annual Boat Show!

Jack Miller, 2007 Boat Show Co-chair

From the Docks: This was my second year as dock master, and it was another great year. Like any outdoor event, we are very dependent on the weather, and this year Mother Nature was on our side. Calm water and mostly sunny skies. About half of the boats arrived Friday, and the other half arrived Saturday morning, to completely fill the docks. We were fortunate to have a nice variety of boats, with many we haven't seen before. A new feature this year was that each boat that arrived on Friday was piped in by a Sea Scout with a bosun's whistle. I would like to thank Phil Gauthier for providing this unique service. I would also like to thank everyone who helped on the docks throughout the weekend. This year's dock crew included: Karen Marsden, Bruce Conlin, Ellie Clothier, Steve White, Rob Kidd, and Karen, Hilary and Kelsey Fenner. There were also many helping hands that came and went as we needed extra help. Thank you all. We look forward to seeing everyone back next year.

Janice Miller, 2007 Dock Master