Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS

Volume 17, Issue 3 Newsletter of the Finger Lakes Chapter, ACBS September 2007

UPDATED september 20th 2007 page 7



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From the Launch� After a brief delay for heavy weather in the area on Friday afternoon, launch operations continued at a steady rate till evening. And Saturday morning's launch activity went along just fine as expected. I think the valet parking service we provide for exhibitors is a valuable part of our Annual Boat Show, and I'm very pleased that we have developed the routine it takes to handle it. Trailer parking at the old landing strip works out very well and we need to thank the Skaneateles Country Club for mowing the area for our use. They give us a key to the gate and let us come and go as necessary. We appreciate their generosity and hope it will continue. Vehicle parking behind CVS and Kinney Drug has also worked out very well. We are grateful to them for the use of their parking facilities. In past years, FLC member Barb Carman provided visors for everyone at the launch ramp. This year, for a change of pace, she provided everyone with polishing cloths with the ACBS and FLC logos specially embroidered on them. Very nice touch, Barb, and many thanks. We also gave exhibitors a cold bottle of water on Friday afternoon when it was so hot, and offered Saturday morning arrivals a pastry as an early pick-me-up! Timmy Freund, Hilary & Kelsey Fenner and Chris & Hannah Lowry represented the younger set at the launch this year. I think they know that their help was appreciated. Their presence brought together three generations of two boating families - the Freunds and the Millers. And when one of our launched boats broke down out on the water, it was Jeremy Freund who stepped up to the task of locating a boat and going out to provide a much-needed tow. Well done! Many thanks to all the rest of the launch crew members who provided so much good assistance to exhibitors: Craig Benson,Tom Carman, Holden Fenner, all the Freunds - Bob, David, Mike, & Jeremy -- Jack Gifford, Don Goodman, Tom & Greg Jeffers, John Kane, Bob Lowry, Jay Morris & Jay Morris, Jr., Peter Patch, Ed Ritter, Don Ross, Joe Spalding and Scot Toppen. And a special thanks to Constable Bruce Silvers who handles traffic control so smoothly. His presence and assistance are invaluable! Why do we do it? It's great camaraderie among boating friends. And we all enjoy the first look at the arriving boats before the show, and the satisfaction of seeing them safely reloaded and on their way after a great boating weekend.

Bill Miller, 2007 Launch Master

From the Shore�.. The 2007 land display was once again enjoyed by large crowds who commented on the wonderful variety of exhibits and the friendliness of the exhibitors. Although Friday's weather was somewhat difficult, we had many veterans of the show as well as some brand-new participants. The FLC antique boat show held in Skaneateles really draws people -- from the casual observer to experts in the field. The public enjoyed the chanceto learn about boats and engines from the experts and many positive comments were heard. Each year the show seems to get bigger and better. As land master, I owe a big thank you to the organizational skills of Teddi Myllymaki and all the dedicated registration staff for their invaluable help. It was a privilege to be part of this very successful event. Hope to see you next year.

Bill Stinson, 2007 Land Master